The final drop

Evidently, there must be a final drop. I knew it. So I kept procrastinating, postponing, and waiting for it, impatiently. I've been planning to create a blog of this kind for nearly three years now; a blog where I would write about anything that happens to preoccupy my mind: comments on my readings, comments on the news that happen to matter to me, pen about politics, football (Yes! Football), life and death, love and hatred...

Knowing nothing, and thus having nothing (useful?) to share, one of my core aims, in this blog, is to incite discussions, debates, arguments, disagreements... I expect no one to agree with what I am going to say nor should anyone expect from me an accord. We, humans, are flawed. I am ready to expose mine through the posts-to-be but with no lies, conceit, obfuscation, or deliberate misinformation.  

Knowledge, our knowledge, and our thoughts, I believe, are progressively conceived with time. This, however, is not to imply that the path, the way, or the pattern is always linear: it is just progressive. Since I'll be talking, through my posts, about myself, my ideas, judgments, and world-views; and by reading myself back as time goes by, I would mirror, reflect on, and (even) ridicule my youthful fancies and short-cuts. 

Finally, I will take the risk to praise some authors, not based on my expertise in their lives, works, fields, or a particular subject matter they dealt with, but I would praise them because I happen to like them either for their willingness or for their work (in general) or their artistic style. I'll quote some (in fact a lot!) for the simple reason that I lack the courage, the style, and the audacity to properly put what they have said in a better manner. Plus, I would then be able to hide behind their backs, to stand on their shoulders: whatever the fallouts, I would not be accused, by faithfully reporting what the giants utter, of saying or writing anything one happens to disagree with or even dislike, despise... You may charge me with being dishonest. I agree. It is human nature. 

Yet, I will be unexcusably unfavorable to others. Perhaps, because their views radically differ from mine; perhaps, for an undisguised jealousy of their wits, styles, and convincingness. Notwithstanding the disfavor, I will still rely on them, stand on their shoulders, and let them speak for me. I promise not to speak of an author contemptuously. And if I do (as I know I will), it will be by necessity and reluctantly. 

Evidently, I have promised to write, yet, this may be the beginning and the end of it!

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